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Create – Inspire – Innovate


At Poseidon Aquarium Servicing, your aquarium is of the most importance to us.

Service Packages

Service Packages

We have 3 different types of maintenance packages*:

1)  Silver Package
2)  Gold Package
3)  Platinum Package



    • Visual check of fish for head-count, disease, swimming, and breathing rates.
    • Advice on food, livestock, additives and simple maintenance procedures between scheduled visits
    • Visual check equipment, air, and water flow
    • Check color, smell, and temperature of water
  • Ensure optimum aquarium environment and inhabitant health

Water Quality

Water Quality

    • Testing aquarium water: salinity, pH, ammonia, and nitrate content
    • Reef Tanks Only:  Test calcium, magnesium, phosphate and alkalinity
  • Top off water and water changing as needed (usually 20-25%)



    • Change & clean chemical filtration media
    • Clean covers & light fixtures of algae and salt deposits
    • Clean exterior &  interior aquarium surfaces
    • Rake & siphon debris from gravel
    • Remove & clean aquarium decorations and ornaments, rocks, and plants (as needed)
  • Water Polishing (if needed)


After years of exposure to the ocean, our love has brought us together to start Poseidon Aquarium Servicing.

In order for your corals to appear beautiful and lively, you’ve got to put them on the pedestal. Love them like you would love your family. Nurse them like you would nurse a newborn .  And they will repay your love by making your tank look like the ocean.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner trying to recreate the ocean at home, or a hobbyist trying to build your own version of the Ottoman Empire of the sea, we can help you ease the process!

​We Provide:

–  Lessons- For those wanting to learn how to start and nurture a community of fishes and corals
–  Education Materials- For those who think that all corals are a kind of fish
–  Consulting- Need any help making your tank better? We can help!
–  Aquarium Creation- We will take your idea and make it a reality

​Keeping a tank isn’t as easy as counting 1-2-3. Without the knowledge, people don’t realize what they are doing and can ultimately deteriorate the health of their tank.

Let us equip you with the crucial knowledge you need for the survival of your tank!​


At Poseidon Aquarium Servicing, we specialize in designing tanks and making them look ridiculously beautiful. With a number of projects under our belts, you are well assured that you will be getting your tank designed by professionals that know the ins and outs of the art.

About Us

To describe Poseidon Aquarium Servicing’s purpose in three words, it would be Inspire, Innovate, and Create.

Inspire– 71% of the earth’s surface is water and of that 96.5% is the ocean. We want to bring you to our side…. The blue side that is.  We want you to be inspired and mesmerized by the ocean… like we are.

Innovate– We love challenges, complex projects, and doing things that have not been done before.  We are a creative studio and we can take things to the next level to make your dreams come to fruition.

Create– Create by definition means bring something into existence.  So what’s your tank dream? Let us bring it to existence.

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Huntington Beach, CA


Phone: (949) 288-0110